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Leonard Stephan Bernhoft

I am the son of Johann Edward Bernhoft and Anna H. Olason, and the grandson of Edward Bernhoft and Sophia Brynjolfsson.

I started this website several years ago to rekindle the family connection. I am very pleased with the response I have received from my aunts and uncles and cousins from around the world.

I am going to re-organize the pictures I have shown on the website and add some new ones I have found and ones I have received from my cousins.

In addition to the website, I will be updating the "Bernhoft Family Genealogy" to add all of the next generations.

This is going to take some help from family members to insure everyone is added.

A special thanks to Keith, Kathleen, Doris, Edward, Celeste, Loretta, Wayne, Phyllis, Judy, and Karen for their help in gathering information and pictures.

I hope you have enjoyed the website these past few years. I hope you get as much joy from visiting the site as I do putting it together.

May God Bless each and every family member with His love



Contact me with any updates at:

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Johann Edward Ferdinand Bernhoft

B. February 16, 1899
D. January 21, 1961

Anna Haldora Olason
B. April 19, 1913


Thomas Edward
B. December 13, 1942

JoAnn Patricia
B. December 26, 1944

Leonard Stephan
B. April 30, 1946

Jeffrey Jordan
B. August 24, 1950

Elaine Sophia
B. January 15, 1952