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provided by
Lara Bernhoft Miner

This is the Lara Bernhoft Miner Family. Standing in the back row: Ray Proto and his wife Kristin Miner Proto ( Lara's daughter). Center row left: Michelle and Johann Gotfred Miner ( Lara's son), Bjorn Miner ( Johann's son), Nick Proto          ( Kristin & Ray's son). Front row left: Jason Proto ( Kristin Miner Proto's son), Lara Bernhoft Miner and Blaise Lyle Miner (Johann and Michelle's son).


Standing left: Bjorn Miner, standing right: Nick Proto, seated middle: Lara Miner, seated left: Blaise Lyle Moner, seated right: Jason Proto

Seated back row: Johann Miner and Michelle Miner, seated front left: Lara Miner, Kristin Miner Proto, Ray Proto.

Lara Bernhoft Miner


Standing left:  Blaise Miner, Bjorn Miner, Johann Miner, Michelle Miner, Lara Miner, Ray Proto, Kristin Miner Proto, Nick Proto, and Jason Proto.



provided by Edward Bernhoft

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Bobby, Wilma,              Edward & Aslaug     Edward & Aunt Mable   Gail & Orval
& Edward                                                          


    Celeste & Lynn         Wayne & Loretta       Chuck & Phyllis          Connie & Bobby          Doris & Edward        Doris, Eileen & Cyd

        Edward             Eileen, Edward & Joyce    Edward & Wayne              Eileen                               Eileen              Edward & Bobby

 Judy, Celeste & Orville                                                                                                Edward, Bobby & Connie



This picture was taken on Easter 2009. It is Madison, the 2 1/2 year old daughter of Neil and Melanie Bernhoft with Parker, the 1 1/2 year old son of
Ryan and Stacie Bernhoft.











This is Orn Guido Bernhoft and his wife Svava, taken at a formal dinner in Iceland. (picture provided by Edward Bernhoft)


This is a picture of Eirikur Gunason and Orn Guido Bernhoft. It was taken inside the farmhouse of Eirikur. Eirikur is a cousin.  (picture provide by Edward Bernhoft)





These are pictures of the 2003 Bernhoft Reunion in California

These are pictures of our cousins in Iceland.
(Left)Lara, Peter & Kristin, Auslaug & Jon.
(Right)Auslaug, Doris, Lara and Kristin

These are pictures of my family.
(back) Paula & Jeff, Leonard, Elaine, Tom Jr. & Nicole w/Ciarra, Jeremy.
(front) Tom & Dee, Anna, and JoAnn

Picture of the cousins at the 2004 Reunion in Cavalier,
North Dakota.
(back) Tom, Wayne, Phyllis, Celeste, and Edward
(front) Leonard, JoAnn, Elaine, and Judy

Picture was of Neil and Melanie's wedding

This is the entire family of Orville and Judy Bernhoft at the wedding of Neil and Mellanie.
(Standing Left) Carmen (Celeste's daughter) Stacie (Ryan's wife) Wayne and Loretta, Melanie (bride) and Neil (Wayne's son), Judy and Orville, Lynn (Celeste's husband), Christy holding Molly (Celeste's daughter and granddaughter),
(Front row)John (Carmen's husband), Ryan (Wayne's son), Julia, Emily, Celeste (Judy and Orville's daughter), Chuck (Christy's husband)

This is a picture of Aunt Mabel with cousins Billy, Doris and Bobby taken in California.


I would like to thank all of my cousins for their help in providing me with scanned pictures they have found. The amount of help has grown in proportion with the enthusiam this site has generated.

Keith was the first to send photos to add to the site, then Doris, then Edward, and Judy. My biggest surprise came from Kathleen. Some of the picture she found were just priceless, but the real crown jewel was the translation of the Icelandic History of the Bernhoft Bakari. Way to go Kathleen.

On my trip to North Dakota, I took my scanner and laptop so I could gather more information and photos. Thanks to Loretta, Edward and Celeste for sharing their photos.

Thanks go to Phyllis, Judy and Karen for helping update family information.

I am so pleased with the response this site and the updating of the Bernhoft Family Genealogy has generated. i knew all it would take was a little push in the right direction and it would take on a life of its own.

Because the site has been such a success with everyone, I am looking into expanding the site and using a different format.

I apologize for the delay in putting the North Dakota Reunion pictures and some of the other pictures, but the program wasn't uploading the site changes.

Again, thanks for the help and the interest in the site. Everyone is a part of it, so feel free to ask me to add a favorite photo for you.

your cousin,