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Wilma Edell Husband Burley

   20 May, 1935  - 28 August, 2011

God Bless Her Memory



Doris Bernhoft MacDonald

   21 May, 1927  - 19 July, 2011

God Bless Her Memory



Anna Haldora Olason Bernhoft

"Loving Mother & Amma"

19 April 1913 -  4 January, 2011


God Bless Your Memory Mom



Ragnar Vilhelm Bernhöft

   1932 - 2010

God Bless His Memory

Ragnar Vilhelm Bernhöft, son of Guido Bernhöft, passed away at his home in Iceland.
He had attended the funeral of his Uncle Olafur that same day and was very tired and
had gone home to rest. He did not awaken from that sleep.







June 17, 1930 - July 4, 2010


see "In Memoriam" for information

God Bless His Memory









Ryan & Stacie Bernhoft's
New Daughter

Kate Abigail Bernhoft

December 21, 2009


Neil & Melanie Bernhoft's 
New Son

Connor Travis Bernhoft

November 24, 2009








The Proud Parents :  Scott & Amy Morrison






April 19, 2009

Anna H. Bernhoft will be celebrating her 96th Birthday on
  Sunday, April 19, 2009





April 27, 2009

Orville T. Bernhoft will be celebrating his 91st Birthday on
Monday, April 27, 2009










Judy and Orville Bernhoft will celebrate their 65th Wedding Anniversary
on December 18, 2008

749 30th Street, Apt. 137
Grand Forks, North Dakota 58201















April 19, 2008

Anna H. Bernhoft will be celebrating her 95th Birthday on
  Saturday, April 19, 2008


April 27, 2008

Orville T. Bernhoft will be celebrating his 90th Birthday on
Sunday, April 27, 2008


March 15, 2008

I have been working on a new genealogy site, which can be accessed through
It is a private site at this time, but if you are interested in viewing the information and pictures,
please send me an email and I will add your email address to my list of guests. You will then get an invitation
to view the site from

In this site I am also working on a smaller version of the Bernhoft Family Genealogy. It is only 100 pages in size.
When completed it will be available to purchase in a hard-bound copy from Ancestry Press. This version will only be the Edward and Sophia Bernhoft Family Descendants, due to the 100 page limit.

I have put it in the site so the information will be available to interested family members. It is not a public
site and will remain so while I am updating the information.

Please, if interested, send me an email requesting access to this information. I don't think you will be disappointed by the amount of data and pictures. It will also give you a chance to see if your information needs any corrections.

Enjoy !!!!  I'm doing this for you and for me too. I have enjoyed every minute of all my searches and found treasures. I have also met a lot of family members as a result of my adventure.

Thanks go out to Orn Johnson from Iceland for catching an error in the date of the 1000th anniversary of the Althingi. I had listed it as 1934, but it is 1930. It is appreciated.



December 30, 2007

Bernice E. 'Bunny' Bernhoft passed away Sunday morning in Cavalier, North Dakota
at the age of 95. Funeral services will be held at 2:00 pm on January 3rd, 2008 at the
Presbyterian Church in Cavalier.

December 20, 2007

I received the information I had been waiting for from Neustadt in Holstein, Germany. It has
some very interesting information on Joachim Michael Bernhoft and the 7 children he had with
Maria Dorothea Stampen, and 11 children with Margaretha Christina Sabelfeldt


This is one of the pages that was sent. There are seven baptism certificates also. I do have
to write again to see if they have the information on Joachim´s parents and siblings. They
have only shown the information on the children of Joachim.

This is a picture of Neustadt in Holstein, Germany, where all of the children of Joachim were born.


This is a map of Neustadt in Holstein, Germany


This is an aerial photograph of Neustadt in Holstein, Germany.


November 29, 2007

I just received sad news of the passing of Otto Bernhoft, on November 28, 2007,
in Fargo, North Dakota.

November 08, 2007

I am saddened by the news I received from Iceland on the passing of Orn Guido Bernhoft,  
son of Guido Bernhoft, and sister of Kristin Bernhoft. He passed away on October 22, 2007.

I recently contacted the Church in Neustadt in Holstein, Germany about information on
Joachim Michael Bernhoft.  I received a letter back saying they have found 8 documents
for me. I am looking forward to them arriving and will post on the web-site as soon as they arrive.

My family visited with Orville and Judy Bernhoft and Wayne and Loretta Bernhoft at
the Bernhoft Farm in Mountain, North Dakota this November 03, 2007. Orville and Judy
were finishing up the last harvest at the farm before moving to Grand For

Orville and Loretta , November 03, 2007

Judy Bernhoft, November 03, 2007

Leonard Bernhoft and Orville Bernhoft , November 03, 2007

Phyllis and Chuck Jackson at the Chuck Wagon, having lunch with us on our visit to Cavalier, North Dakota on November 03, 2007.



MARCH 18, 2007 in Reykjavik, Iceland

Kristin (Butta) Gunnlaugsson Bernhoft

Kristin is the daughter of Vilhelm Bernhoft, the dentist. She is
now 94 years of age.


Hildur Walthersdottir, Sverrir and his wife 
Asta Denise Scobie Bernhoft 



Country singers Sigrun "Diddu" Hjalmtysdottir and her brother
Pall Oskar Hjalmtysson in the middle performing at the reunion.

This is an overview of some who attended.  



Kristin Bernhoft, daughter of Guido Bernhoft, son of Vilhelm Bernhoft
the dentist and of Kristin Nordfjord, daughter of Johanna, daughter of
Vilhelm Bernhoft. Kristin is next to lady with pink scarf.



Sverrir's sister Ingibjorg Bernhoft in the middle.
Ingibjorg participated in planning the reunion.


 Sverrir's sister Hildur with her husband Thorarinn Sveinsson.

Sverrir's younger son Vilhelm Patrick with his wife
Iris Fanney and three children, Thomas, Sara, and Eva the yougest.

Kristin ( Butta) Gunnlaugsson Bernhoft in red jacket



Sverrir's granddaughter Olafia Palmadottir
 the wife of
Halldor Mar Sverrisson and
 their son Ragnar Mar Halldorsson.

Sverrir's youngest grandson Thengill Isar Thorleifsson,
son of Katrin Eliza and her husband Thorleifur Jonsson


Sverrir's daughter Katrin Eliza and son Thengill  Isar
and husband Thorleifur Jonsson and next to Sverrir's
granddaughter Audur Hronn Halldorsdottir and his
older son Halldor Mar Sverrisson.        


Sverrir's son Vilhelm Patrick and his
children Thomas and Sara.



Family visiting North Dakota: 2005

Keith and his two daughters visiting at the Bernhoft Farms in Mountain, North Dakota this summer.

Babies in the Family:

August 06, 2007

Eric Parker Bernhoft, son of Ryan and Stacie Bernhoft, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
at 11:25 PM. He weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz. and is 20 inches long.


October 03, 2005

Scott & Amy Morrison announce the birth of their
son Carter Scott Morrison.


Benjamin Kristjan Troester

March 05, 2005 at 9:02 PM at the University of Michigan in
Ann Arbor, Michigan. Benjamin was 7 lbs 1 oz. and 20 1/2 inches
Benjamin is the son of Lucinda and Jack Troester. Lucinda is Aunt
Josie Walker's granddaughter and the daughter of Janet and Brian

Bryanna Marie Bernhoft
January 13, 2005  @ 9:37 PM
Bryanna weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. and is 20 1/2 inches.
Bryanna is the daughter of Kimberly Bernhoft
of Tacoma, Washington.

Maria Fjola  with her son

Kristin with her grandson.

Last year:

Sophie Diane McShane
September 18, 2004 @ 4:15 PM
Sophie weighed 8 lbs 1 oz. and is 21 1/2 inches .

Newest Pictures of Cousins in Iceland

Maria Fjola, Thordur Orri, Kristin and Peter, and Hildur.

seated: Birnir and Maria Fjola with Kristin Birna and Birta Maria
(the youngest). Kristin and Peter Orri, Kristin Hlin and David with little
Ragnheidur Fjola. Standing behind are Thordur Orri and his Hildur

Thank you Kristin for the lovely pictures.

Bernhoft Family Reunion
Cavalier, North Dakota 
July 30, 2004

Back row: Lynn, Judy, Wayne, Tom, Leonard, Phyllis,
Celeste, Judy, Chuck, and Edward.
Seated:  Elaine, JoAnn, Orville, and Anna

Picture was taken after  the dinner at the Chuck Wagon Restaurant

Cousins: Tom, Wayne, Phyllis, Celeste & Edward  
Leonard, JoAnn, Elaine and Judy

Wayne, Tom, Leonard, Phyllis, Celeste, Judy,
Judy and Edward.
Elaine, JoAnn , Orville and Anna

Wayne, Orville & Judy, Celeste & Lynn

Irene & Otto Bernhoft at home in Fargo
Picture was taken on our first visit on
July 28, 2004.



August 07, 2007

I have printed the first draft for the Bernhoft Family Genealogy Book. I sent a copy to the Bernhoft Family Reunion in Iceland this past March.

I also have given a copy to Otto and Orville for their comments.

Keith has a copy in California. I gave it to him for delivering the Otto and Orville copies.

I have been putting individual pictures beside each person I have a photo for, but it is time consuming. I don't have individual pictures, so I have to crop and touch-up each picture I use.

It does add a lot to the family chart with pictures, so if you would like a picture next to your name, please send me a photo.

Please send in JPEG format.

I have gotten a lot of the Family group worksheets and appreciate everyone taking the time to fill them in for me. I still need several Family groups and I would like a biography for each Family Group's Parents.

I had hoped to have it done by this summer, but it's not quite

Help with Genealogy

I have been working on the connection of the Bernhoft family name
 in Germany with the Bernhoft family name in Norway, but have hit the proverbial brick wall. I am as far back as Joachim Michael Bernhoft in Neustadt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, but can't find who his parents are.

If anyone knows anything about Joachim, I would appreciate it if you would share it with me.