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Photograph of Bernhoft children circa 1915 in Akra, North Dakota.

Photograph of Bernhoft and Magnusson families circa 1940  in Hensel, North Dakota.




This is a picture of the original Bernhoft Bakery in Reykjavik, Iceland. The site of the bakery is registered as a national historic site.





This was the picture taken for Guido Bernhoft's engagement party.                                                                                 


Daniel and Edward Bernhoft, taken on the 1000th anniversary of the Althing in 1930.
Edward hadn't seen his brother, Daniel, in over 40 years since going to America.

Back row: Franciska, Maria,  and Sigridur ( Daniel's wife)
Front row: Kristin (Wilhelm's wife) and Wilhemina.

All of the above pictures were scanned on my visit to North Dakota
in August of 2004. Edward Bernhoft brought the pictures with him for me to scan.

Great-Great Grandfather

Great-Great Grandmother 

Great Grandmother

Great Grandfather

Great Uncle Daniel, Edward's Brother in Iceland

All of the above photos were sent to me by  Kathleen Faulconer, daughter of Colleen Bernhoft Conn.


Franciska, Edward's sister in Iceland

Wilhemina, Edward's sister in Iceland

Maria, Edward's sister in Iceland

Kristin Thorlaksdottir, Wilhelm Georg Theodore Wilhelmsson Bernhoft's wife

Sigridur Thorsteinsdottir, Daniel's
wife in Iceland

All of the photos on the right are from
scanned pictures. I worked on the
photos to clear the resolution and remove